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Exploratory Drilling in Kelly Bray Historic Mining Area

You are probably already aware of the recent interest in the tin mineral lodes immediately around southern Kelly Bray. Cornwall Resources Ltd who control the mineral resources in the local area expect to commence drilling in the spring.

A total of around 20 holes are currently planned and to depths of up to 500 metres. The drilling programme is expected to take about 6 months. Local landowners are currently being contacted concerning access to their land.

Cornwall Resources Ltd are also in discussions with Cornwall Council, Callington Town Council and Kelly Bray Residents Association concerning the planned drilling programme.

Following discussions with local Councillors, Cornwall Resources have arranged for several communication sessions with the residents of Kelly Bray so that any questions about the drilling and future potential for mining around Kelly Bray can be answered. The location will be at the Swingletree pub in their conservatory area at 7pm for approximately one hour on the following dates;

January, Wednesday 18th – Jeff Harrison

January, Tuesday 31st – Jeff Harrison


Jeff Harrison is a local Mining Consultant working for Cornwall Resources.

 Note: Cornwall Resources is a 50:50 joint venture between New Age Exploration and Strategic Minerals.


Jeff Harrison

Mob: 07403568770


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