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Callington Neighbourhood Plan

Our Town, Our Street, Our Home

What is precious to you about your home?  How can we best attract an support new businesses, commerce and retail outlets?  How can the town be maintained as a safe environment for our children?  How can we best provide and preserve affordable housing and secure jobs?  How can we build on our strong sense of community?

Following the analysis of the questionnaire, broad brush stroke suggestions have been made as to how we can best tackle the concerns which were raised in the returns.

Now is the time for detail to be addressed and there will be plenty of opportunity to voice your opinions; speak to your local town councillors or members of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee.

Please take every opportunity to attend meetings or make your opinions heard by contacting the Town Clerk at:

Callington Town Hall, New Road, Callington  PL17 7BD  email:           01579 384039

REMEMBER:  we all want Callington to be the best place to live, learn, work and play!

Callington Neighbourhood Plan


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